Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reaching the Max

Nope, not a post about TJ Maxx -- although I would love too, because I am totally a commercial when it comes to that store. I'll walk around the day after shopping telling complete strangers how cheap my awesome dress/shoes/purse are.

However, what actually happened the other day was that upon trying to locate a pair of shoes to match a certain top, I realized that I had completely forgotten about the bottom shelf of my armoire-o-shoes, which means there were five or six pairs of shoes I'd forgotten that I own.

And that, friends, means that it is time for me to REALLY get rid of a few pairs. Especially because I may be going to the mall this weekend -- and we all know what that means.

There's this one pair I very much want, but I can't find it on sale in my size. I am rather expert at finding shoes on sale, but I don't have to only shop clearance for great shoes. (My father taught me that it's okay to splurge if you really do love something and will wear it a lot.) The problem here is that I know these shoes are on sale in some shops, but those are selling out too quickly for me to find my size. But how can I pay full price when the shoes are on sale in SOME places? I just can't. My mother wouldn't approve. However I have faith that I will persevere, and when those come in I... am selecting a pair of shoes I own and getting rid of them.

The problem is that I still haven't decided on the correct course. Goodwill? We give to them regularly and I know they come to the house but... are my shoes good enough for consignment? I've made some decent cash by shelling out old fashion to consignment shops in the past. Or maybe eBay? I just can't decide!

As always, I will keep you posted on the narrative of my shoe-hoarding.
I think one armoire full is my new designated capacity. I have hit maximum.

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