Friday, September 26, 2008

*Deal of the Week* Alice & Olivia Booties

Payless has been subscribing to the trend of having established designers break from their own lines to do affordable designs for accessible stores. I love this partnership, which has also been employed by stores like Target and H&M, because it not only allows the designers to become household names, but it allows poor girls like me to have funky, trendy boots like these, by Alice + Olivia. Booties are a trend I haven't fully been sold on yet, and as such, have been reluctant to invest in a pair, even when they're really, really cute. I'm worried they'll become passe. I'm worried I'll end up wearing them with leggings (just kidding). But for $48, I think I can afford to splurge for these red 'Rivington Ankle Boots' or the gorgeous space-age 'Jane Back Zip' boot. There's also a grey sweater bootie for the same price, if that's your sort of thing. With so many a la mode styles for under $50, these just have be my Deal of the Week. Find them in limited Payless stores.

Expires: Limited Time

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