Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quelle Horreur!

Sioux Khaki Cow Suede Moccasions, by Blowfish @ Lulu's

Now, I know that Blowfish shoes aren't necessarily traditional. But there's quirkyness, and then there's... these. Moccasion-style bedroom slippers, trying to pass themselves off as shoes that a person might consider wearing in public. (What kind of person, I cannot fathom.) (Okay, I can fathom; I'm just refraining out of tact. Hey, there's a first for everything.) And then to add insult to fugliness, there's the price. Sixty-seven dollars, for a pair of Sioux shoes. No amount of beads and suede can justify these being $67. Especially since the only acceptable purpose for these is shuffling down to the dorm basement to do your four loads of laundry, and then shuffling back upstairs to finish your paper on Yeats. And even then, that's what flip-flops are for, and those are $2.50!

Thankfully we know that Lulu's has a range of adorable shoes that make up for this one oversight. And Style Bard readers get to save 15% on their order with code: stylebard. But don't abuse your privileges! If you use that code on shoes like this, I will take that code away from you. Yes, I will. Don't try me.


Anonymous said...

These shoes are brilliant. Have you not see Kate moss wear similar style of moccasins (minnetonka), which really took off here in London a few years back! I know these are bit more basic, but they're still cool. :-)

Moe said...

Wow, you are totally wrong, just... way wrong. And who are you to bash these shoes and say that people can't wear them in public just because you don't like them. I happen to own these shoes in brown and I have gotten SO many compliments in the last 3 years. Also, they're not bedroom slippers, just so you know. For your information, I wear them all of the time, even in the rain, and they've held up perfectly fine. There are purposes for them other than "shuffling down to the dorm basement" not that you would know because you've never actually worn them. And you better "fathom" that there are people out there who wear these shoes; I guess that I'm the "kind of person" that wears them, and many others. By the way, I got them from DSW for $30.
Good try though.
P.S. Guess you have nothing better to do at 3:54 in the morning.
Just had to set you straight; I think you needed it.