Monday, October 6, 2008

Style Bard Splurges

As you might imagine, it's hard to look at shoes all day and not want... well, each and every pair. For every sale, I tend to pick one of my favorites pairs of shoes to be pictured, and as you can imagine, hypothetical shopping sucks next to actually getting to buy all the great sale shoes I stumble upon and salivate over. But every now and then the deal is just too good, or the shoe is just too cute, and I crumble. And that's what happened two weeks ago, when I ran into this Macy's shoe sale.

Now, several weeks ago I vowed that I wouldn't be buying anymore shoes until I made some room in my infamous armoire-o-shoes, since it's literally filled to the brim. Buuut I might have broken my word. But you'll see why; I couldn't help myself!

First of all, I've been craving zippered-up beauties from high-end lines such as:

by Sergio Rossi


by Christian Louboutin

There's just something about that extra flash of metal teeth that sexes up a shoe. So when I ran into the mall last weekend, I just had to "visit" a pair, which were the more accessible, affordable (and therefore all the more dangerous) 'Berkley' by Michael Kors:

The habit of visiting one's coveted items is a bad one, indeed. Every now and then, it turns into a purchase. If not the pair you came in for... then a pair you didn't even know you were going to leave with. Because once I got up close to 'Berkley', I realized the 4" heels were probably too much even for this talented high-heel wearer. After all, I'm 5'9" and there's only so many occasions to which to wear a pair of staggering heels. And you try only dating men who are over 6'1"! But then my eyes fell upon these:

A gilded demi-wedge, a peep toe and gleaming black patent. But most importantly, this beautiful slip of a zipper, giving the toe a gorgeous glean. And then? They were 40% off. And then? They were an additional 20% off because I gave $5 to charity (a promotion coinciding with the sale that weekend). And that's how I took home these beauties, my first zippered shoes.

[ETA: Whoops! I almost forgot the best part! These babies went from being $129.00 to $42 with all those discounts! And that's why the Style Bard is your shoe sale expert. And that's also why I truly couldn't resist and had to break my vow. Even in the checkout line, a woman watched me pay for them and blurted, "How did you just buy Michael Kors for $40?!" and I felt very, very proud of myself.]

So now I really, really have got to get on top of donating a few older pairs of shoes to charity...

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