Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today Only - Men's Shoes on Sale at 6PM

Today's shoe sale is for the men in the audience. After all, ladies aren't the only ones who need clean new shoes for Spring. How about some Deer Stags "better than leather" slip-ons that usually retail for $59.95, on sale today only for $19.95? Not bad, huh? This style is called 'Acceptance' which desperately tempts me to make some kind of joke about Valentine's Day, but I'll avoid getting cheeky. Maybe. They're designed with a custom comfort system as well as non-slip traction soles. I like the clean, sleek style--and the enticing ease of slipping them on and kicking them off. If you're as lazy as I and you've come to acceptance with that (couldn't help myself), then these are the new Spring shoes for you, gentlemen.

$6.95 Flat Rate Shipping on All Orders

Expires: Midnight, February 5th, 2009

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