Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Shipping from Designer Shoes

Designer Shoes is my #1 go-to site on the web for plus-size shoes. Offering shoe sizes 4-15--as well as narrow through exra wide shoes--Designer Shoes really covers the spectrum of possible foot sizes and shapes to make it easy for everyone to find stylish shoe options. They're always certain to carry a variety of prom shoes and bridal shoes, which are essential for this time of year. And now they're offering Free Shipping on all orders when shoppers use code AFREEUSA at checkout. Women are so often coming to me to complain about not being able to find their sizes online, but I feel like Designer Shoes and other outlets do make it easy for women to shop for various styles online these days--even though it may take a little extra effort and some searching. I mean, look at these sophisticated, all-purpose 'All Star' slingbacks by Amanda. Aren't these the ideal dress shoe? And they're now on sale for 50% off, at $29.99. Naturally, I'm glad to help whenever I can, but I have to recommend: big-footed ladies, check Designer Shoes first!


Expires: Limited Time Only

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