Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just My Size 8.5

Hey guys, it's time for a new feature at Style Bard Shoes!

Every now and then, I come across a great sale where the shoes are literally disappearing before my very eyes. At last, only one size remains on the virtual shelf. Fast-selling shoes are usually the cutest style or the best deal available. So of course I always want to feature that close-to-sold-out pair. But I feel bad toting the shoe if my readers won't be able to head over and scoop it up--unless they happen to be the lucky remaining size.

So instead I've decided to make it into a game! When you see the heading "Just My Size," it means that the size next to it is the only available size in the shoe style shown. If you're the lucky Cinderella, then head to the site immediately to grab up your shoes before someone else does! Fairy tale + race = fun times at Style Bard Shoes. Good luck 8.5ers!

Elirissa by Nine West -- $14.95 at 6PM

Expires: While Supplies Last


Jack O'Sullivan said...

Do you ever do anything with mens shoes???

Jack O'Sullivan
Men's Dress Shoes

The Style Bard said...

Hello, Jack. Thanks for asking!

Yes, I do cover men's shoes from time to time. I used to cover them more, but it seemed like a majority of my readers were women, so I began doing about two posts on men's shoes per month, and up that around the holidays.

However, I also try to point out when a shoe sale is for men as well as women, but since the image will probably be a woman's shoe, you might have to read the fine print to see when sales apply to male shoppers.

However, most of the sales -are- applicable to men's shoes. For example Aldo, Macy's, Zappo's, 6pm, Shoebuy and others have large men's shoe selections, and any site-wide sale will apply to men's shoes as well.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...
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