Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shoe Psyche

It's week four of Shoe Psyche! One week to go before the final Shoe Psyche sponsored by Shoebuy. Don't worry; we'll keep doing Shoe Psyche afterward--just keep sending your submissions and I'll keep matching your personality to three pairs of shoes.

Last week, Mitanari won 10% off her next pair of shoes from Shoebuy. One more chance remains to have your name drawn to be a runner-up winner--so keep your fingers crossed. This week's Shoe Psyche/Shoebuy winner is: Quasia!

Quasia says:

1) My favorite pair of shoes is... my black stilettos, I cannot live without those shoes.

2) The pair of shoes I wish I had are... 3 shades of pink in a round front heel.

3) In one sentence, I would describe myself as... a fashion freak.

Quasia is a girl's girl, which means that she's not only naturally in tune with her own feminine side, she's also a great best friend to have, because she puts you in the mood for sleepover parties and makeovers and shopping sprees and wedding planning. You know she'll listen to you squeal over the fact that the guy from the party called you back, and she'll help you pick out the perfect first date outfit to wear when you see him again (not too casual, she'll say, but you also don't want to look like you're trying). She'll probably lend you her cute earrings--the ones she knows you covet--graciously, and without waiting for you to ask. But unlike shopaholic fashionista friends, Quasia is the one who brings you down to earth and gives you the good, solid advice you need. When you're picking out the perfect third date dress, she'll tell you to remember that no matter how this relationship turns out, you're still going to have this outfit, so pick something practical and timeless, something you can wear again no matter how the styles change. She always knows the perfect thing to say--and wear. Quasia's Shoe Psyche looks like:

'Sherry' by Life Stride

The Style Bard has been saying it for years. If you're looking for a 'good investment' shoe that will go with any outfit, any year, regardless of the flux and wan of trends, then you need a gorgeous Black round-toe slingback. Timeless and elegant, these are the ultimate chameleon of footwear, and they'll take you from freshman year to your first grandchild, if you treat them right. And they're perfectly gorgeous, luxurious, and feminine, which is why Quasia will want to snatch them up and make good use of them for years to come. These also come in a Wild Rice tan color, which is another great investment option. And for only $38.95 before her 10% off, Quasia might just grab both and not have to buy another shoe for a long, long time (but what fun would that be, right?).

'Gala' by Stuart Weitzman

For a gal who likes quality, long-lasting shoes that will go with everything and remain practical--yet still bring out her frilly side--these designer slingback shoes in Pink are ideal. Quasia can wear these out under jeans to add perk and poise to casualwear, or wear them to a formal Spring wedding. With such subtle coloring, these shoes will act like a neutral and complement almost any outfit. How could Quasia love them more? Well, they're now on sale for 63% off their original price, making them exceptionally affordable--even before Quasia's additional 10% off.

But wait, readers are thinking, Quasia may have indicated that she's practical because her favorite shoes are a pair that will last forever and go with everything, but she also wants shoes with three shades of Pink, and she calls herself a fashion freak. She's a complex gal who needs more than classic shapes and subtle color palettes! That's right, readers, I agree. That's why I think the quintessential shoe for Quasia is:

'Body Talk' by Poetic Licence

Powerful, Pink, and anything but ordinary, these high-heeled beauties utterly capture the fantasy of a girl's girl. Ruffles, frills, height and a sexy name? Sounds like heaven--but not too angelic. These shoes will put you on the prowl. After all, while Quasia is always there to help her girlfriends hook up with a hottie or get through a man crisis, she needs a little TLC of her own. And the best way to get that extra ounce of attention is to add some va-va-voom to your walk with a pair of pumps like these. Breathtaking, no? And so very Quasia.

Congratulations, Quasia! I will be in contact with you shortly about how to claim your prize--a 10% off gift code which can be redeemed at Shoebuy (where you can find all of the shoes featured in Shoe Psyche through April 15th).

If you didn't have a chance to enter, but you're still interested in having your Shoe Psyche read (and your innermost shoe cravings exposed) shoot me an email anytime at stylebard(a) Just put "Shoe Psyche" in the subject line, and I'll know what to do.

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