Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FitFlops at Bliss World

Ever since FitFlops hit the market (I covered them a few years ago when they were still fairly new and mentioned by the NY Times), there's been hullabaloo about whether or not they "work" and how comfortable they are to actually wear. Early on, I remember hearing a lot of horror stories about the uncomfortable thong that actually made toes bleed. I have to admit, I have been skeptical for the past several years. But then I thought, well, this brand is still going strong. They're selling out in the latest styles and more and more retailers are carrying this shoe design. If they're really not worth it, why would people continue to spend $40-$60 on a pair? And if it were all hype, wouldn't that hype have died down over the years?

So at long last I got my hands on a pair of FitFlops. Now I am prepared to give you the real and honest run down about "the flip flop with the gym built in."

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I decided to go for the 'Electra' style for two reasons. One, they're a newer model, so I was hoping to find an improvement on engineering from the first round of sandals that were hitting the market two years ago. Two, they're so pretty! Sorry, but I have to choose sparkly shoes over athletic shoes pretty much always. (Though I have to admit, it was a tough choice between those and the shiny patent 'Walkstar3' style.) The only option I was wary of were the white-bottom sandals, because if these are to be shoes I wear all the time, I didn't want them to get absolutely filthy, as they're apt to do on the streets of New York City.

When my sandals arrived, I wore them around for several days in a row. And here's the scoop: no bloody war wounds from wearing FitFlops! Seriously, I don't know what older styles were like, but these are the most comfortable pair of sandals I've ever owned. I mean, sure, my Havaianas (more on these soon) and Old Navy flip-flops are comfortable, too, but they just don't have the arch support and sole padding that FitFlops provide. The thong isn't exceptional, but it's no more or less comfortable between my toes than any other pair of sandals.

So, the overall report is a solid A+ from me. But let's get right down to some of the nitty-gritty details that I bet y'all want to know, the kind of details you can't get from generic product descriptions.

1) Quality: At first I was worried about the quality. Surely, I thought, they could not adhere teeny tiny sequins to a sandal that is meant to be worn athletically. After several days of wear (and upon close inspection) those decorative discs aren't budging anytime soon. Furthermore, on the first day out of the house it began pouring on me. Suffice it to say, these shoes can get soaking wet and dry out fine.

2) Appearance: They look just as cute peeking out from under jeans as any other sandals! I'm enjoying the little extra sparkle in my step though, and when I'm doing "junk errands" I often grab my beat-up Old Navy flip-flops instead, because I don't want to waste the pretty new Fit Flops.

3) Fit: All retailers of FitFlops recommend buying a size down, but the shoes only come in full sizes. I typically wear either a 9 or 9.5, so I bought a 9. I feel that the top fits a little loose, but it's something I get used to after walking around for awhile. I believe an 8 would have been too small, but an 8.5 would have been perfect! Too bad. Fit Flops apparently bases their sizing on a European model that's a little more wide than the average American footbed. Apparently, this is something they hope to amend in the near future.

4) Comfort: As stated above, these sandals are super comfortable, and rank above all the rest of my (many) sandals and flip-flops. I have walked around quite a lot in them without noticing any discomfort, and I often pause to note just how comfortable they are. I wouldn't recommend running or hiking in them, however, due to the slight looseness stated above. Definitely buy a supportive athletic sandal with a back if you intend to go jogging or work out.

5) Price: I paid $59.99 for my Fit Flops and received Free Shipping. This -is- a bit much, considering that the rest of my shoe wardrobe consists of sandals that cost $2.50 (Old Navy), $12 (gold dress sandals), and $18 (Havaianas). Then again, I did just purchase Shane & Shawn sandals for $50 (including shipping)(more on these another time!), so I guess $60 isn't so exorbitant. I am enjoying them but I can't say for sure yet if I'd buy them again at the same price when these are old.

...but do they tone your legs and butt? Well, I've only had them for about a week, so it's hard to say. Sometimes (especially when walking up and down stairs) I do feel like I'm working harder. Other times, when I'm just strolling around, there's no demonstrable difference. I will say that I think the arch support and overall engineering do provide health and wellness benefits to your legs and back (as compared to a totally flat shoe). So hey, if it is burning a few calories while being super comfy and preventing future backaches, then that's just icing on the cake.

You can get your pair of Fit Flops by visiting For a limited time, you'll automatically receive a free tote bag and Free Shipping when your order totals $50 (just the right price for your new shoes)!


fit flop said...

FitFlops run big, even a “5″ is too big. I bought Black and White because I thought they would be great for a cruise we are going on but after wearing them, I had a blister between my toe because the part that goes between the toe is stiff and not very soft and because they are too big my foot slides in them. I don’t know how to return them because there was not return information on them. I am sure if they were smaller or in children’s they would be great.

Love it said...

i had bought a pair of the sandals in the summer in colorado and didnt want to take them off they have the best arch supports and the soles were the best ive worn for comfort so when i saw these boots i saw they were a little pricey but i bought them on amazon and they were a little less and free shipping and i love them