Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Day to Receive a Free Gift with Aerosoles

When you buy any pair of comfortable Aerosoles shoes, you'll also be sent a complimentary gift of a shoe care kit, which seems to come with a shoe shine buffer and possibly also shoe polish, although I really can't tell and the website doesn't tell me. Oh, well! If you're already swooning for a pair of Aerosoles, this is just another excuse to shoe shop. My favorites by a long shot are these aptly named 'Otherworldly' boots which would make me feel like I were starring in my very own Ralph Lauren ad. They look so stylish and comfortable and I want them so badly! They also come in seude in Green, Grey and Black, but I think the Brown version is my favorite by just a hair. A horse hair. To go with my Ralph Lauren ad. And to thread the violin that's about to play my song as I weep since I totally can't afford to splurge on these boots right now, alas.

Always Free Shipping and Free Returns

Expires: Midnight, September 14th, 2009

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