Thursday, October 29, 2009

40% Off Daily Specials at Designer Shoes (known for an assortment of wide and plus-size shoes) offers a daily sales page where the shoes shown are 40% off their asking price--but just for 24 hours. You can find great steals, like these fun and cute 'Halia' pumps by Faryl Robin. Normally I wouldn't love a brown and gold clunky shoe, but there's something youthful and yet retro about the design here that's speaking to me--even more so than the same shoe in black! There's also an assortment of multi-colored suede flats on sale. But who knows what shoes will be there tomorrow? It's fun to check it out and see, and the link below will take you straight to the daily sales page, so you can bookmark it and check back every day.

Expires: Ongoing Promotion, Deals Expire Daily

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L said...

I'm not sure what I think about these shoes. They look pretty cute, but trying to imagine them on someone's feet is making me think they may look pretty weird. Unless I'm thinking of my feet since I have to wear large women's shoes and I have to see them on my feet before I can make a decision.