Monday, October 5, 2009

Limited Edition Ugg Boots

Once again, The Walking Company is privy to special, limited-edition styles of Ugg Australia boots that no other company is selling. Despite my eyebrow-lifting attitude toward Ugg boots, I'm such a magpie for something that's even moderately shiny that I kind of find these Ugg Sunset boots...cute? Well, more cute than the plain ankle-high brown fare that's for sure, ugh. Fear not, SBS fans--I haven't gone loopy on you and I don't plan to drop $200 on snow boots anytime soon--not even the Ugg Sunset with gold embroidery, thankyouverymuch. But in case y'all are more interested (or more cold, or more wealthy) than I, I thought I'd make you aware of this offer. All Ugg boots from The Walking Company are shipped for free.

Expires: While Supplies Last


Anonymous said...

Those are super cute!

Anonymous said...

Finally, an UGG that really doesn't deserve the name. Perhaps they go on my "list".