Sunday, May 2, 2010

50% Off KORS by Michael Kors Sandals

I'm not often the type to spend more than $10 on flip-flops. Growing up in Florida, I quickly learned how easy it is to ruin sandals at the beach or lose one over the edge of the pier. Given that these shoes only complement the most casual of outfits, I don't entirely see the point of dropping big money on them. Maybe it's the weather or living in the city, but this year I'm craving a slightly nicer pair of casual shoes. I want to be comfortable and chic while I'm looking casual and walking around Manhattan--is that so much to ask? Right now, my eyes are on these 'Addi' Emerald Nappa sandals from KORS by Michael Kors. There's something about the green and gold that really appeals to me, despite the fact that these were my high school colors and therefore I must overcome certain dreadful associations in order to appreciate them. I also love the alternate option in White. They're more than I usually spend on thong sandals, but they are almost 50% off. What do you think--are they worth the price?

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Expires: While Supplies Last

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