Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Careful with Cuffed Sandals

Many shops are touting cuffed sandals as a must-have look for Spring/Summer. And many cuffed sandals are super cute. However, girls do need to be careful when choosing cuffed sandals, because the right height and width can make or break the entire line of your leg. For example, I like these 'Chainge' sandals by Steve Madden at Piperlime. The slight wedge gives your legs some lift while the t-strap in front will also create a visual line to give your body added elongation. That makes up for the potentially unflattering line of the cuff, and the ankle straps aren't so thick as to weigh you down. Plus, this style comes in three colors and is now on sale for $20 off.

When buying cuffed sandals, you've just got to be extra scrutinizing in front of the mirror before you lay down your credit card. And be sure to think about what you'll wear these sandals with; you don't want to buy something to pair with dresses that's going to conflict with the length of your hem. Trust me, it's not worth wearing a cute shoe if you just wind up looking short and stumpy. No fashion accessory is worth a dime if it looks pretty but does not help to enhance your beauty. And cankles? Are never your friend. You don't have to ignore this season's big trend, but just remember to be careful with cuffed sandals.

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