Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lime Tag Sale Now 50% Off

Remember this? Well the Piperlime Lime Tag sale just got even better, because styles that were originally marked down by up to 40% are now marked down by up to 50%! Sure, this means that many of the sizes in the bestselling shoes might be gone, but it also makes the hunt for the best deal that much more exciting. Sure, someone may have been smart enough to hit up the sale before you, but you get to boast that you saved an addition 10%. The lowest priced non-flip-flop non-plastic shoe are these 'Crete' sandals by Wanted. And may I just say...I want them? I know, I know, they're not like me at all. I think the buckles are tricking my brain. But they're only $19.99 right now, and still available in sizes 8, 9 and 10. And I even wear size 9! It's tempting, so very tempting. And by the way? These happen to be marked down by more than 50%. Plus they ship for free. Plus I have a credit card. Save me!

Always Free Shipping and Free Returns

Expires: Limited Time Only

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