Monday, February 28, 2011

Choose My Shoes

Guys this is really exciting because I tend to never win anything--except I used to win the cake walk every year at the Fall Festival (in some divine fit of irony because I was a chubby kid)--but I won a gift certificate to shop at And I want your help! I've whittled it down to ten options, so now I need you to comment and vote on what new shoes will be entering my life in the near future.

1) Kir Sten by Luichiny - $84.55

2) Lexi by Michael, Michael Kors - $94.05

3) Bella by MIA - $65.55

4) Denah by Steven by Steve Madden - $179.99

5) Amethyst by Anne Klein New York - $82.95

6) Florina by Betsey Johnson - $82.95

7) Gabrielle by Frye - $131.60

8) Nora by Michael, Michael Kors - $142.50

9) Fireworks by Two Lips - $70.70

10) Raw by Naughty Monkey - $55.30

So which do you like? If you have a reason for your vote, please do tell me why!


parisian_love1 said...

Amazing Blog! I love all of the beautiful shoes!
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P said...

I love pair number 1 because they are sparkly and purple.

But I think you should pick number 3, because they would look the best on you.