Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Save Cash on Lugz Uggs Boots

Now you can shop comfy, snug, Ugg-like boots at Lugz--and save money doing it. These new arrivals to the Lugz line are suede-lined, herringbone-soled, sheepskin-lined boots that already cost way less than their name-brand competitors. But you can save even more; here's the deal: you can save $5 off any purchase with code 5oFF. You can save $10 on a $40 min. purchase with code 10oFF. You can save $15 dollars off $75 with code 15SAVE. Or you can save $25 off $100 with 25SAVE. Got all that? Pretty much, no matter what you do, you're going to save money if you go ahead and grab yourself a pair of "Hi" (mid-calf) or "Lo" (ankle-high) boots from Lugz before Winter, when prices will undoubtedly be back to normal. Then the emails start pouring in, and everyone wants to know where they can shop to save money on warm, weatherproof boots and I'm just going to have to tell you one of the time-honored truths of retail saving: you've gotta shop off-season. It'll sting at the time, but we can avoid all of that hurt if you just accept it now and start thinking if you want 'em in Brown, Tan or Black.

Code: 5oFF, 10oFF, 15SAVE, 25SAVE

Expires: Limited Time Only

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L said...

YES PLEASE on cheaper UGGS. I would love to find a website for large women's shoes that will have a knock off of UGGS. I hear they are so comfortable, and I want a pair!